Activating licences

How to activate licenses for the products in the Visma Business produktlinje

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License activation in the Settings and integration wizard.


  1. Select what type of activation you want to do
    Alternativ Beskrivelse
    Online activation This is the recommended option if the computer you are doing the activation from has internet access. The license will be verified on the Visma Licensing System, and automatically renewed every year.
    Offline activation If the computer does not have internet access, you can do an offline activation. To do an offline activation you must first contact your Visma partner to receive an offline license file.
    Demo version If you have not received the license yet, you can activate a Demo license.
    Merk: A Demo license will be valid for 30 days.
    Skip activation No action will be taken. This option can be selected if you want to choose activation type later.
  2. Enter the Customer ID you have received from Visma.
  3. Enter the Activation key you have received from Visma.
  4. If you have chosen to do an Offline activation, you need to browse to the license file you have received from Visma.
  5. Click Next.


The products will be ready for use after license activation.

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