Modifying the parameters file

How to modify the parameter file.

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In case the target setup needs to specify passwords for SQL logins or windows accounts, the parameter file has to be modified. Since values for password parameters will not be automatically saved in the parameters file, they will have to be added manually in order to use the parameters file.


  1. Import the settings file in GUI mode of the setup.
    Merk: Please note that this technique cannot be used to edit passwords in the parameters file.
    1. Run Setup.exe.
    2. Select the desired actions on the Choose products to install page.
    3. On the Select parameters page, click the Import... button, and select the parameters XML file.
    4. Set the desired parameters.
    5. Click the Export... button, and save the parameters XML file.
  2. Or, modify the settings file manually in a text or XML editor.
    1. Open the parameters XML file in an XML editor.
    2. Modify the parameters.
      Please refer to the parameters reference for descriptions on the various parameters and the legal values.
    3. Save the XML file.

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