Enabling encrypted connection with the VBPL installer

How to enable connection encryption in Visma Business produktlinje after Microsoft SQL Server is configured.

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Before you start, follow the steps in Enabling encrypted connection in Microsoft SQL Server.
Merk: It is not recommended to enable the encryption as part of upgrade if SQL Server address needs to be changed. Instead, upgrade first and then run configuration to change the server address and to enable encryption.

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This procedure should be followed if you want to enable encrypted connections from Visma Business to Microsoft SQL Server databases.


  1. If SQL Server address needs to be changed during configuration:
    1. Make sure that you have the customer number and the licence key available for reactivating the licence later.
    2. Start Visma Business.
    3. Open Lisens dialog from the ? menu.
    4. Click Release licence button.
    5. Close dialog and Visma Business.
  2. Start the Visma Business produktlinje installer.
  3. Select the language for the installer.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the dropdown, select Configure already installed products.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Set the configuration parameters for the installed products and modules. The following parameters are relevant for encrypted database connection.
    Alternativ Beskrivelse
    Database settings - Server The common database server to be used for all products that uses SQL Server. If you are using instances on Microsoft SQL Server, you need to specify the name of the instance after the server name (e.g. MyServer\MyInstance). If the machine running the SQL Server is not in the same domain, it is possible to install under a custom port using the syntax MyServer,Port.
    Merk: SQL Server name is a part of the instance used to validate the licence. Before changing the SQL Server name, release the Visma Business licence and reactivate the licence after the configuration is complete.
    Database settings - Encrypted connection Choose Yes to enable encrypted database connections.
    For more information about other parameters, see Changing configuration on the server.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Follow the steps in the installer until finished and click Close
  10. Start Visma Business and activate the licence.
  11. When Visma.net services are in use
    1. Open Systemopplysninger table.
    2. Run Aktiver Visma.net processing.
    3. Select all companies in use and click Export/update companies.
    4. Close the dialog after all companies have been updated.

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