Installing the Visma Business client

How to install Visma Business on the client computers.

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When installing Visma Business on the server, a folder with client setup files is created. This folder is named Client and is located under the Visma Business program folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Visma\Business\Client"). In order to access these files from the client computer the Visma Business installation folder must be shared.
Running the client installer:
  • On new installations; start the installation manually from the client computer(s) by running Setup.exe located in the Client folder.
  • After an upgrade of Visma Business; the next time you start Visma Business from a client computer you will be prompted if you want to run the client installer.
Merk: The client installer should be run with administrator privileges.
The installer will do the following:
  • Install/upgrade necessary prerequisites to the current version:
    • Windows Installer
    • Microsoft .NET Runtime
    • Visual C++ Runtime
  • Update Registry settings for Visma Business (normally under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Visma\Visma Business\CurrentVersion).
  • Create shortcuts for Visma Business on the desktop and in the Start menu.


Logging can be enabled by running the installer with the /LogFile parameter plus file name for the log file (e.g.: Setup.exe /LogFile c:\LogFiles\Log.txt).

For full list of available options, run Setup.exe with the /? parameter.

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