Visma Business produktlinje version 18.10.0 has been approved and tested with the following database types:

Database tool Comment
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (all editions and latest cumulative updates)  
Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (all editions and latest cumulative updates)  
Microsoft SQL Server 2022 (all editions and latest cumulative updates)  
Merk: The databases have been tested with the compatibility level according to the Microsoft SQL Server version and the latest available service packs and updates.
Merk: We recommend using at least the Microsoft SQL Server Standard edition for production environments. The Express edition comes limitations and are therefore only recommended for test environments:
  • Maximum memory utilized per instance 1 GB
  • Maximum size 10 GB
  • No support for SQL tracing
  • No support for SQL Agent (scheduled tasks)
  • Limited CPU use per instance
The limitations can lead to low transaction performance and possible downtimes if the maximum size of the database is reached.
Merk: Additional information on how to set up SQL Server environments
  • Do not use the Auto close option in production environments; this slows down the execution of queries
  • Do not use the xact_abort option; this will break the transaction handling and can lead to inconsistent data

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