Integrating Visma User Directory with

How to enable the Visma User Directory integration with

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Check out the section about Visma Cloud Gateway (tidl. Visma On Premises Gateway) in General prerequisites.

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The integration between Visma User Directory and is needed to synchronize users, roles, layout group, modules and companies between on premise applications like Visma Business, Visma Document Center, Visma Reporting and services. The administration of on premise and users, companies, layout groups, modules and roles can be done in one single place,

Merk: From version 14.00.0 onwards it is possible to assign access to the user for Visma Business, Visma Reporting and Visma Document Center in

How to Koble til from Visma User Directory.


  1. Login with Enter the User name and Password. The user must be a Customer administrator in
  2. In the Visma User Directory dashboard, select Connect to in Other tasks.
    Merk: The application instance of Visma Business, Visma Document Center and Visma Reporting stored in the Visma User Directory must have the same URI and license key as stored in All application types in Visma User Directory need to have a single instance, Visma User Directory does not support anymore multiple instances for any application type.


This will register your on premise companies in by creating the corresponding companies or linking the on premise companies with already existing companies. In case of linking to already existing companies, please check that the companies have valid information before activating any other cloud services for these companies.

After the integration is successfully enabled, you can add roles to any user. In order to do that, select the required service under Applikasjoner. Then choose which of the available roles for the service you want to add to the user.

Merk: If the integration failed, then you can find logs in here:
  • Event journal in Other tasks on the Visma User Directory dashboard.
  • C:\ProgramData\Visma\VUDSingleSignOnServiceWcf - more detailed logging
  • C:\ProgramData\Visma\VUDManagementConsole - log of the Visma User Directory management console activities.

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