Entering users in the CRM module

The procedure describes an example of how you can enter and maintain users in the sales support system in Visma Business.

Før du begynner

Before you start using Visma Business you must be entered as a user in Visma Business. The system administrator does this in the Users table.

Merk: The system administrator is the only person who can enter and delete users.

Om denne oppgaven

Before a person can start using the CRM module in Visma Business you must enter the person as a user in the CRM module. The reason for this is primarily that the person must be able to use the agreement book, create documents and send e-mail.

These functions will not work until the person is set up both as a user of Visma Business (see description above) and as a user of the CRM module.


  1. Open an Associate layout.
  2. Call up the relevant employee.

    To search in the Aktør table select Hjem > Søking > Søkerad (Ctrl+F) in the menu bar or press Ctrl + F.

  3. Enter the employee's user name in the Brukernavn field.
    You MUST enter the user name in the same way as it is entered by the system administrator in the Bruker table.
    Merk: There is no check against the Bruker table that verifies that you have entered the user name in the same way. It is your responsibility to ensure this.
  4. Fill in the fields that you want to use or make the required changes.
  5. When you have completed all the fields required, select Hjem > Lagring > Lagre (Ctrl+S) in the menu bar or press Ctrl + S to save the information.
  6. Press + in the Aktørnr field and you are allocated the next free associate number.
  7. Enter the user name.

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