Adding prospects

The procedure describes an example of how you can enter prospects in the CRM module in Visma Business.

Før du begynner

Before you enter a prospect, you should check that the company or person has not been entered in Visma Business already.

To make it easier for you to find your way back to prospects entered it can be a good idea to differentiate prospects from other associates. You can do this, for example, by creating a dedicated information category that you enter for all prospects. You create information categories in the Tekst table.

  1. Select Information category in the drop-down list and create, for example, the text Prospects.
  2. Then call up the Inf.kategori field in the Aktør table and select Prospects in the dialog box for the Inf.kategori field.

You can now make a selection based solely on this category. Choose Hjem > Søking > Utvalg (F9) from the menu bar.

Om denne oppgaven


  1. Open a layout that contains the Aktivitet, Dokumentkobling and Informasjonsbehov page elements, linked to the Aktør table.
  2. In the Aktør page element you enter information about the individual prospect, which might be information on the contact persons there.

    When entering prospects only the Aktørnr field must be completed. In addition, you should complete at least one of the other fields so that you can easily find the prospect again later when you need to update the information or enter more information.

  3. In the page elements: Aktivitet, Dokumentkobling and Informasjonsbehov, you complete the fields as required.
  4. When you have entered the information you want to include, choose Hjem > Lagring > Lagre (Ctrl+S) from the menu bar or press Ctrl + S to save the information.

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