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  1. Start the Visma Business produktlinje installer.
  2. The action Install of Upgrade is also set by default for OneStop Reporting Cloud Agent in case it has not been installed manually before or an older version of it was found on the server.
  3. Set the configuration parameters for the selected products and modules.
    Configuration parameters that have an asterisk (*) in front of them, must have a value before you can proceed with the installation.
    Alternativ Beskrivelse
    Visma path The common path where all your Visma applications are/will be installed. OneStop Reporting Cloud Agent will be installed in subfolders below the common Visma path.
    User accounts for services - Log on as The type of log in to be used for running the OneStop Reporting Cloud Agent service.

    Select Local System account if you want the service to use the build-in account Local System as the common user to be running as.

    If you want to specify a user for the service, select This user.

    User accounts for services - User name The Windows account to be used for running the OneStop Reporting Cloud Agent service. We recommend using a domain user that is a local administrator on the computer.
    User accounts for services - Password The password for the Windows account to be used for running the service.
    Integrate with other products No configuration is needed at this step.
    You can click Export... to export the configuration parameters to an XML file. This file can later be reused by clicking Import....
  4. Click Install.

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