General prerequisites

Required prerequisites in order to run most of the services in combination with Visma Business produktlinjen.

  • Visma Business Services (VBS) is installed and running.
  • Latest version of Visma Cloud Gateway (tidl. Visma On Premises Gateway) is installed and running.

    The Visma Cloud Gateway creates a secure connection to Use your customer administrator user account when installing the Visma Cloud Gateway. If requested, select the Customer. Verify that the Visma Cloud Gateway (tidl. Visma On Premises Gateway) service is running after the installation has been finished.

    If Visma Cloud Gateway is installed on a different computer then you need to make it accessible from outside the local computer. This can be configured in the configuration section when installing it by deselecting the option Visma Cloud Gateway available only from local machine (you can also change the key <add key="LocalInstall" value="0" /> in Visma Cloud Gateway configuration file after the installation if it was not selected during the installation). In addition you have to point to address of the gateway in the Visma Cloud Gateway adresse field in the Systemopplysninger table. Supported formats for the address are:
    • http://[host name]:55555/OPGatewayService/OPGatewayService/
    • http://[host name]:55555/OPGatewayService/
    • http://[host name]:55555/OPGatewayServiceInstanceName/ (Instance name should be replaced with the actual name of installed Visma Cloud Gateway)
    It is not recommended to use IP address as a server name. http://localhost:55555/OPGatewayService is used if the field is blank.
    Merk: In case of running Visma Cloud Gateway (VCG) on a different computer you need to change the settings for Windows Firewall on the computer running the Visma Cloud Gateway (tidl. Visma On Premises Gateway) service. An inbound rule for the application itself must be added and also allow inbound TCP connection on the port that Visma Cloud Gateway is set to accept requests. Visma Cloud Gateway port is set in its configuration file (55555 is the default port). Also, Visma Cloud Gateway has to allow remote connections.
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) service must be enabled in Windows. It is normally enabled automatically by Visma Business produktlinjen installer.
  • Visma Business Host for OD MessageQueue service has to be running.
    If needed, credentials for Visma Business Host for OD MessageQueue can be changed by running Visma.BusinessHost.MessageQueue.exe.
    • Select Service in the top menu
    • Select Credentials
    • Type in VBS Username and VBS Password
    • Save the changes
  • The specific service needs to be available through the license.1
  • TLS 1.0 Encryption has been deprecated in Visma Business produktlinje starting from version 13.10.0. This requires the default browser to support TLS 1.2 when using services. TLS 1.2 can be enabled usually from internet options, settings or tools. Browser's TLS compatibility can be checked at
1 AutoInvoice does only require a license, all other prerequisites (Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), Visma Cloud Gateway (tidl. Visma On Premises Gateway), Visma Business Host for OD MessageQueue) are currently not needed for this service.

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