Intrastat, country of origin

This topic describes how to get in the Produkttransaksjon table updated, since the Intrastat report will require this information.

Assigning to the product

Alternative A
Update the field in the Produkt table for each product. This will make it possible to extract records from the Produkttransaksjon table grouped by
This requires that each product always has the same, if not - see alternative B.
Alternative B
  • The Leveringsalternativ table is always updated concerning all possible combinations of Produktnr, and
  • The option Oppbevar varepartier in the Ordrebehandling 2 dialog in the Bedriftsopplysninger table is always ticked
  • Each supplier normally only provides goods from the same
Under these assumption it will always be possible to extract Produkttransaksjon per and per Vareparti since the Partinr is given in the Produkttransaksjon table, the is given in the Vareparti table and the combination of, Produktnr and is given in the Leveringsalternativ table.

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