The structure of the Ribbon

The details on how the Ribbon is configured.

At the top level the navigation panel displays, in the form of tabs, folders at root level to which the user has access. At the second level, as groups within the tabs, it displays sub folders of the root folders. At the third level, as contents of these groups, it displays the layouts in these folders and any sub folders of these folders as drop-down menus. This can continue for an unlimited number of levels of sub menus. In many cases, however, three levels will be sufficient to enable the layouts to be chosen correctly from the groups in the tabs.

At each level the elements appear sorted by the names of the folders or layouts. If the name of the folder or layout is prefixed by a digit followed by a full stop, this will be included when sorting the elements, but omitted from the texts displayed in the navigation panel.

The navigation panel is refreshed whenever you:

  1. Save workspaces and window layouts.
  2. Save edits in folder and layout page elements (e.g. in the layout explorer).
  3. Save edits in tables with folders, workspaces or windows.

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