Order match limitations

This section is a summary of the limitations in the order match process (not a complete list)

This is the first version of the order match process between Visma Business and Visma Document Center. The following is currently not supported:

Feedback to Visma Document Center:

With the exception of error messages there is no other feedback from Visma Business to Visma Document Center regarding the supplier invoice. Once the supplier invoice is sent over to Visma Business all further handling of that invoice will be in Visma Business. Regardless of the actions the user performs from here on, the original invoice in Visma Document Center will never change the status afterwards.

Gross order

Gross orders are currently not supported in the order match routine

Manual order match for invoices not in XML format

Currently, order match can be performed only on those supplier invoices which are in the EHF 2.0/PEPPOL BIS 2.0/PEPPOL BIS 3.0 format.

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