Importing and exporting data

This section describes the importing and exporting procedures.

You can import data by clicking Import on the Company toolbar, by running Visma Business in import mode or via the EDI clock.

Examples of data that might require import are Associates, Products, Prices, Orders, Batches, Base data, Forms and Setup.

Use of the export file:
Merk: You can also use other programs that use SQL calls to retrieve data from the database. This poses no problems when creating reports in which the program simply reads from the database. If the program is to write to the databases, you must be familiar with the process management in Visma Business and the locking of rows, because there can be conflicts with other concurrent users. Visma Business also has a logic for fields that are updated automatically and which the program later requires to be completed. We therefore recommend that you import batches using the standard import function and order using the EDI import function, which the program itself can update in Visma Business.

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