/R[file name] - Starting Visma Business in Import mode

Using the start-up parameter /R followed by a file name (no spaces), the import program can execute commands in this file without displaying any window on the screen.

You can use this parameter in combination with /U followed by a user name to specify a user name, and with /P followed by a password to specify a password.

You ideally use this when you are starting the import program from other programs. During the import process no dialog box appears, but you can override the standard parameters with your own commands in the file.

Text file: StartVisma.txt

This example will if you start Visma Business with vbus.exe /rStartVisma.txt /usystem open the layout 111, which may be a Customer overview and perform a search for associates named SMITH. This could be done from another application, and if the other application can patch a certain text file to make changes, this is a way to open Visma Business automatically on a specific customer.

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