/EDI[sec] - Starts EDI Timer Event.

This switch automatically starts the EDI clock, and you have to decide the poll interval in seconds for the EDI session.

You can import EDI messages to Visma Business without launching Visma Business in advance. For example, you can let your EDI translator launch Visma Business after the message has been converted, or you can let the operating system launch Visma Business from a given event or time.

If you want Visma Business to start, import a message (file) and then exit, launch Visma Business with the parameter /EDI.

If on the other hand you want Visma Business to be launched and then enter messages at set intervals, launch Visma Business under the parameter /EDIxxx. In this case xxx is the number of seconds between each time that Visma Business is to check for messages.Visma Business then starts with an active EDI clock.

This switch must be used together with /U and if needed /P because while the EDI import function runs, you cannot use Visma Business, so it is a startup on a separate workstation only running this EDI import.

Secure login with /EDI

To use secure login with the /EDI parameter, encrypt the user's password with the SQL password encrypter (Visma.Business.PasswordEncrypter.exe, found in the program folder). Add the parameter /SP followed by the encrypted password as a replacement for /P.
Merk: When doing a regular login with the same user, the unencrypted password must be used.

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