EDI process

Visma Business can help you to retrieve data that can be sent to an associate or retrieve data from an associate into the tables.

When exporting data to EDI, Visma Business's area of responsibility is limited to printing a document to file. You must ensure that an EDI translator is installed and that if necessary the file can be converted and sent to your business partner.

The same applies to the import of EDI messages. Visma Business requires the document (message) to be on file (in a defined format), ready to import into Visma Business. You must ensure that the file (i.e. the EDI messages) is retrieved from your business partner and placed on your hard disk.

Contact your dealer if you have any questions about EDI and EDI translators. Visma Business supports the import and export of several types of EDI messages.

Messages supported by Visma Business

The table below shows which EDI messages are supported by Visma Business:
EDI message Import Export
Invoices Yes Yes
Order Yes Yes
Order confirmation Yes Yes
Order change Yes Yes
Merk: Visma Business does not read or write EDIFACT format directly, but is limited to ASCII format. The formats are determined by the import format you select to join to the message.
Merk: Further descriptions in this manual assume that you have already installed a format for the import and export of data to/from Visma Business. We also assume that you have installed an EDI translator to translate between the import/export format(s) that you are using and the EDIFACT format.

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