Goods received

The procedure below describes an example of how you can process and enter information on purchases after you have received the goods. Please note that this is an example and may differ from the layout in your company.

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In our layout we have retrieved the Orders table using the Design/Insert/Table menu item and then joined to the Order lines table with Ctrl + K. From the Order lines table we have joined to the Stock balances table.


  1. Open the layout.
  2. In the top part of the window you can see the order head in table format. The lower part of the window displays the individual order lines and corresponding stock balances. In the order head you see information which applies generally for the whole purchase/purchase order, and information which is the same for all or most of the order lines.
  3. If you have received all of the goods in a purchase order, you finish the order. First select the order that you want to process. Then proceed to point 4. If you have not received all of the goods that you ordered, enter which goods and how many units you have received in the Finish NOW field in the individual product and reservation lines. Then save this row using Ctrl + S (so that you do not finish the whole order).
  4. Select the order or order line(s) and choose Processing/Ferdigmeld from the menu. You have now finished the whole order or the rows selected. On finishing, the goods are entered as separate shipments. You can also specify a warehouse number and location if required. You can override the location after the goods are received and this value remains after you run invoice receipt. This also applies to the fields Serial number and Use by date. The Finished field in the order and reservation lines is automatically updated. Goods are entered as Available stock in the Stock balances and Shipments tables, although they are still classed as Unrealised stock increase until you register receipt of invoice. The quantity in the In purchase field in the Stock changes table is counted down as soon as goods are received. The Quantity field only shows the quantity outstanding, i.e. the quantity that has not been finished. When the whole purchase order is finished, there is a 0 (zero) in the field. You must not change the value in this field because a new value will be added to the original order quantity. The Total quantity field displays the original order quantity, i.e. the sum of the finished quantity and invoiceable outstanding quantity.

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