Payment before booking

This section describes how supplier invoices can be paid before making the final cost postings.

In Visma Business, to be able to make a payment for a supplier invoice, it is required to have a record in Åpen leverandørpost table, created by a batch and voucher when updated. Usually cost accounts have been set at the same time, and possible changes have required a new correction batch.

With the payment before booking feature, it is possible to update only the supplier transactions from a batch and rest of the voucher lines are moved to a new batch. They can be later edited and posted freely, even after the supplier invoice has already been paid.

To start the process, select one or more batches in Bunt table and start Oppdater leverandørtransaksjoner processing.

Merk: Oppdater leverandørtransaksjoner can be used only, if the batch contains supplier transactions. Also Interimskonto kostnader must be set in Bedriftsopplysninger table. Batch can be updated even if it doesn't balance because contra-account will be added in the process.

Processing will

Supplier invoice can now be paid normally. Cost can be edited and posted later.

Merk: Payment before booking feature can be used to automate supplier invoice payment flow. For example, set a scheduled job to Oppdater leverandørtransaksjoner automatically and another job for Lag betalingsforslag.

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