This routine prevents the order from being processed further until a payment has been entered in the accounts or the selection for prepayment has been removed.

The routine works with the following order types and transaction types

Order type: 1 - Normal order

Transaction types:

Factoring company and CID-def

In the Factoringföretag table you can check the Förskottsbetalning field in the dialog box for Betalningsbehandling. Some EFT systems then processes OCR transactions for a specified series of prepayments that do not have open entries, but only prepayment orders that have not been invoiced. When you update the payment, Visma Business performs a lookup against the order, and the block on prepayment is cancelled in the Orderstatus 1 dialog box.

You must also fill in the Voucher series and First voucher no. fields so that the OCR routine can separate the CID code's reference element if it is a prepayment.

You must also use this voucher series for the order document that prints the prepayment order (Order confirmation).

In the voucher series you must define a voucher type with alternative 2 - Uppdatera förskottsstatus in the Uppdat. order field.


In the Aktör table you can select Förskottsbetalning in the Kundpref. and Lev.pref. fields.


Prepayment will be brought up in the Credit note field from customer or supplier if Kundpref. or Lev.pref. has been selected for Förskottsbetalning.

Order - Order status

Order status will show you Prepayment. Order status will be completed when the order's Order options has been selected for Prepayment. This parameter will prevent further processing of the order as regards pick list and finishing. Only ready for parameters are selected. When prepayment is made, the selection for ready for for prepayment will be removed.

Prepayment on sales orders

Order options will be updated from the customer. When this parameter is set, it will not be possible to print a lick list or finish the order. It will also not be possible to print an invoice before the order status has been changed to Finished.

If you want to create a pro forma invoice, this must be done using a separate form for order confirmation. You can set this up as a separate IF macro. It will be the same as when a prepayment automatically puts out an prepayment invoice instead of an order confirmation. No accounting transactions are created at this point in time

Registration of prepayment Verifikationstyp - Uppdat. order

You have two options in the Uppdat. order field.

During voucher entry you must use a voucher type in which Update orders is set to 2, after which you must enter the order number of the order to which the prepayment relates. There is no check on whether the amount entered corresponds with the amount in the order. We therefore recommend bringing up the Order total net and VAT amount fields. If you want to obtain the gross amount, you must create a calculated column for it.

Update of voucher with prepayment

The following happens when the voucher is updated:
Transaction status
The Förskottsbetalning field is updated by some EFT systems when you import OCR transactions and it activates prepayment. The order number is then imported into the voucher line. This requires that you have selected Förskottsbetalning in Betalningsbehandling in the Factoringföretag table.
Order pref.
The selection in the Förskott checkbox in Orderpref. will be removed so that the order can be further processed. At the same time Visma Business selects the No reminder and No interest fields, so that the invoice item for the customer is exempted from these routines, as they are already paid.
Order status
Ready for Prepayment has been removed.
Invoice reference
The invoice reference on the order will be updated with the voucher number from the registered payment line. If the amount is less than the order only the invoice reference is updated.

Further processing of orders

The order is now ready for further processing in the normal way. By linking open customer entries, you can see the prepayment which is linked to the order.

If you approve the invoice, a batch will be created in which each voucher line for the customer entry contains the payment as a counter-reference and the entries will then be automatically matched against each other.

Prepayment of purchase orders

The routine is the same as for sales orders. You will not be able to finish or run the routine invoice receipt for the order until a payment has been entered or the selection for prepayment has been removed.

You cannot use Electronic funds transfer in this routine, as Visma Business does not generate a transaction in supplier transactions. You must create these as a voucher manually, and the block on the purchase order is then cancelled when you update the batch and transfer to suggested payment.

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