Standard layouts

This section describes standard layouts and how to work with them.

Standard layouts are provided by Visma and they are updated during installation, if newer version is available.

Standard layouts are the same layouts as the country specific layouts in a new installation. For existing installations, standard layouts are imported as parallel and they use negative number range in the database.
Merk: If negative number range is already in use in any of the layout related tables, import will be skipped and error is displayed at the end of the update process.
Layouts are placed in a 999. Standard layouts folder in Oppsett-utforsker. To make the layouts visible for the users, access to the layouts has to be given in the Oppsettsgruppe-medlem table, by assigning the Oppsettsgruppenr. number -999 to users.
Merk: If Oppsettsgruppenr. -999 - Standard layouts does not exist, it needs to be created.
Merk: -999 - Standard layouts group gives access to all standard layouts in all companies. Give layout group membership only to users who are allowed to access the data. If needed, use Adgangsgruppes to limit access to tables and fields.

Editing limited for layouts and folders with negative number

In Oppsett-utforsker editing of standard layouts has been limited. This applies to all layouts and folders in negative number range. Only Copy (Ctrl+C) is possible, to allow copying a standard layout to regular use. See Kopiering av standardoppsett

It is not possible to enter negative primary key in the tables that are used by the standard layouts:
  • Vindu
  • Vinduskolonne
  • Vinduselement
  • Vindusrelasjon
  • Vindusutvalg
  • Beregnet kolonne
  • Mappe
  • Oversettelse
  • Sideelement
  • Sideelement-kolonne
  • Sideelement-relasjon
  • Sideelement-utvalg

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