Defines the trade area for the associate. It is suggested in the orders, and specifies whether the customer/supplier is located within the country, in another EU country or outside the EU/abroad.

When this field has been filled in (with a value other than 0) this means that VAT will not be calculated on orders. 0 appears blank. The area code determines which of the account references for taxable, non-taxable domestic, EU and export/import are to be used in connection with sales, discounts, additions, special taxes and purchases in the Tax- and accounting inf. table, and invoice fees in the Valuta table. If the product is not taxable and the associate is domestic, the account references for non-taxable are used regardless. This is an exception from the rule that the VAT follows the product. For example, the VAT rules of a country may require VAT to be invoiced to the customer if the product goes to another EU country but the invoice stays in the same country. If the Delivery associate number has Trade area 2, 4 or 5 in the Aktör table, but Trade area 0 is within the trade area of the order, the system does not overwrite the value. Otherwise, the value in Delivery associate number overwrites the values from the Invoice customer number field.

The Orderbehandling 2 field contains the parameter Do not overwrite trade area and EU VAT with local VAT, which you should use in combination with the Trade area and VAT codes from delivery associate number option. When you have set these parameters, Visma Business will calculate the VAT from the Delivery associate number when invoicing.

The area codes apply to both customers and suppliers, unless otherwise stated.

The area code forms the basis when Visma Business selects the turnover class of the vouchers.

Anm: When you enter one of the values 2, 4 or 5 in the Area field in the Associates table, and a customer number is defined, you receive a warning if the EU VAT reg. no. field has not been filled in.
Ett uppslag i den här kolumnen ger dig följande lista med möjliga värden:
0 - Momspliktig inom Sverige
1 - Momsfri inom Sverige
2 - Inom EU
only relevant if the company is located in an EU country
3 - Utanför EU
applies to all other foreign associates
4 - Egen filial i annat EU-land
only relevant for customers, only relevant if the company is located in an EU country, treated in the same way as 2 in respect of account references
5 - Trepartsförv mellan andra EU-länder
only relevant for suppliers, only relevant if the company is located in an EU country, treated in the same way as 2 in respect of account references
6 - Skattepliktiga uttag
7 - Omvänd skattskyldighet
8 - Hyresinkomster (frivillig)
Egenskap Värde Beskrivning
Visas som standard Ja Det här fältet visas som standard i tabellvyn.
Domän Område Heltal
SQL-namn ExVat Databasfältets namn.
Nummer 4066  

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