Momskod kund

The VAT code for the customer.

If you have made the appropriate selection in the customer options dialog box, it will also be suggested when you enter a voucher. Any VAT code in the order head, or one that is overridden in the order lines, will take precedence over the VAT code in the Moms- och bokföringsuppl. table, unless you have checked the Override order box there. You do not have to enter any VAT code for customers unless the same one is always used. For example in industries where the tax calculation is performed by customer rather than product. This is true, for example, of publishers, who must include VAT in the net amount for sales to booksellers regardless of whether the product is taxable or non-taxable, while sales to regular customers are only subject to VAT if the product is taxable according to the normal rules. For domestic customers that are non-taxable, you can choose to enter a VAT code without a VAT number (or using tax rate 0). You can always use 1 - Momsfri inom Sverige in the Område field to exempt domestic customers from tax calculations.

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Momskod TaxCodeForCustomer
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