Used to sort the associates in a particular order or to make selections on groups of associates.

Visma Business suggests the contents in the field when you enter a value in the Namn field.

Anm: If you have accidentally deleted the name of the associate, this field contains the original name which was entered the first time. This enables you to restore names which have been deleted.


If you enter the customer AS Ole Hansen in the Namn field, this customer is sorted under A in an alphabetical list of names. To sort the customer under the letter H instead, you enter Hansen, Ole AS in the Kortnamn field. For an alphabetical list of your customers, sort using the Kortnamn field instead of the Namn field.

Egenskap Värde Beskrivning
Visas som standard Nej Det här fältet visas inte som standard i tabellvyn.
Domän Namn Text (80)
SQL-namn Shrt Databasfältets namn.
Nummer 4038  

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