The postal giro number of the associate.

This is relevant if you want to print completed postal giro forms in connection with reminders, interest notes and payments, or if you use electronic funds transfer. You can restrict payments to associates for whom at least one of the Bankkonto/giro or Plusgiro fields is completed. To do this you must select the Betala ej om gironr saknas option in the Betalningsbehandling field in the Företagsuppgifter table.

Anm: For suppliers who are remitted via electronic funds transfer, you must enter the correct postal giro number. Otherwise they will be remitted by direct payment. (This depends on the settings in Z Data).
Anm: The postal giro can be validated according to different rules. The validation is controlled in the Landbehandl. field in the Land table.

Egenskap Värde Beskrivning
Visas som standard Nej Det här fältet visas inte som standard i tabellvyn.
Domän Bankkonto/giro Text (35)
SQL-namn PGiro Databasfältets namn.
Nummer 4085  

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