Bet.villkor lev.

The payment term for the supplier.

These fields are suggested when you enter purchase orders, and in voucher lines when you credit suppliers. The payment terms fields refer to the Betalningsvillkor table, where you have defined how many days/months of credit you are granted by the supplier, including cash discounts if appropriate.

If you have not registered the customer's payment terms, the Std. betalningsvillkor are retrieved from the Företagsuppgifter table in connection with the new entry of orders and the EDI import of orders.

Calculate due date

The payment terms are the basis of your calculation of due dates in invoices and voucher lines. You can override the due date in orders and voucher lines, or later in the open entries. If no other payment terms are defined, any Std. betalningsvillkor defined under Företagsuppgifter will be applied to calculate due dates. If no payment terms are defined, the terms used will be cash on invoicing and 30 days net in the voucher lines.

Betalningsvillkor-texter för olika språk kan definieras i texttabellen. Dessa texter är av texttyp 6.
Anm: Om du dubbelklickar eller trycker på * i den här kolumnen kan du slå upp en/ett Betalningsvillkor i Text-tabellen.
Anm: Om du dubbelklickar eller trycker på * i den här kolumnen kan du slå upp ett värde i den relaterade tabellen.
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Domän Betalningsvillkor Heltal
SQL-namn SPmtTrm Databasfältets namn.
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Betalningsvillkor PaymentTermsForSupplier
  • Bet.villkor lev.

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