Matchn.metod lev.

The matching method used for the supplier.

Anm: If you do not complete this field the matching method defined in the Företagsuppgifter table will apply.

Regardless of which of the 4 methods you select, you can match entries manually by going into the Open customer entries or Open supplier entries table, selecting the entries to match and selecting one of the processings for matching entries. In methods 2, 3 and 4 Visma Business will also try to match entries during voucher updates.

The matching method can also be overridden for individual customers/suppliers. 5 means the same as if the field were not filled in, except in the Aktör table, where a blank field means that the matching method under Företagsuppgifter is to apply.

Anm: If you leave this field empty, no open entries will be produced.
Ett uppslag i den här kolumnen ger dig följande lista med möjliga värden:
1 - Manuellt
You must select 1 if Visma Business is to keep open customer and supplier entries. But if you do not want automatic matching by date, amount or references during updating of vouchers, matching must take place via the processings for matching, in the tables of open customer and supplier entries.
2 - Stigande datum
If you select 2, an attempt will be made to match entries against the oldest entry/entries for the relevant customer or supplier. Matching continues until there is no outstanding amount for the entry, or there is nothing more to match against (in which case the outstanding amount is returned to the open entries table). If several entries share the same date, they are matched in ascending order of journal and version number, i.e. in the order in which the transactions were generated/the vouchers were entered.
3 - Samma belopp
3 means that matching will take place against the oldest entry with the same amount. If there is no entry with the identical amount and the opposite sign, the entry is not matched when it is updated.
4 - Angivna referenser
4 means that the entries must match entries that were selected explicitly during voucher entry. Such references are specified in the cross-reference field in the voucher line or in the Cross-references table, which you can choose to join to the voucher lines. From these fields you can also look up open entries, move to a specified row, select several and press Ctrl + Return. It is not necessary for customer number or supplier number to be entered in the voucher line. If no account type is specified, Visma Business will first of all look up in open customer entries, and then, if the cross-reference is specified, in open supplier entries, to complete the customer number or supplier number for debit or credit in the voucher line. Visma Business also enters the currency number, exchange rate and amount in current currency and default currency in the voucher line, if the amount is not already specified, and deducts any cash discount.
5 - Spara ej öppna poster
Even if you normally wish to retain open entries, you may not want to do this for Sundry customers, for example, and you can then select matching method 5 for such customers.
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Domän Matchn.metod Heltal
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