The company's IBAN account number.

Then you must also complete the Bankfilial or Swiftkod fields. Which fields you complete depends on the IBAN requirements in the receiver's country, which you can find out from the bank or your supplier.

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard for account numbers, which you use in connection with payments to and from abroad. On payment suggestions for foreign suppliers, is the priority order for which account number to use: IBAN, Bankkonto/giro and Plusgiro, the first one completed will be used (unless an account number exists on the open entry).

Anm: The IBAN-längd field in the Land table is used when validating the IBAN no. If validation is not wanted, you can set the Undanta IBAN kontroll option under the Landbehandl. field.

Egenskap Värde Beskrivning
Visas som standard Nej Det här fältet visas inte som standard i tabellvyn.
Domän Bankkonto/giro Text (35)
SQL-namn IBAN Databasfältets namn.
Nummer 17729  

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