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The GLN/GS1 number for the associate.

The GLN/GS1 number is a numbering system developed to identify the legal entities involved in a transaction. Legal entities might be buyers, sellers, banks, hauliers, etc. You can also use the code to identify geographical locations in company addresses, departments, warehouse locations, loading bay doors, etc.

The allocation procedures guarantee that the location number is unique everywhere in the world. The number consists of a total of 18 digits. The structure can vary between member states.

If you have checked the Använd EAN Lokaliseringsnummer field under EDI-behandling field in the Företagsuppgifter table, a lookup is performed in this field during EDI import. It is important that two associates do not have the same GLN/GS1 number, as the lookup during EDI import would then lead to errors. If a company has administration and warehouse in different places, the company must have several GLN/GS1 numbers.

You can upload the field to the EDI export file.

An EAN/GTIN item number has either 8 or 13 digits. The 8-digit version is used for small packages. EAN/GTIN codes with 13 digits are unique all over the world, and the 2 or 3 first digits identify the country where the code was assigned.

Egenskap Värde Beskrivning
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Nummer 7561  

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