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How documents are to be sent.

The method is suggested in the order head for the associate.

Order documents

The dialog box contains boxes for each of the relevant document types, that you can check to define required delivery methods. You can send the same document in several different ways by selecting several delivery methods. No documents are sent unless you select at least one of the delivery methods. There is a block against removing all selections in invoices; at least one of the delivery methods must be selected. Print previews of the documents works regardless of which delivery methods have been selected.

Mail settings

Mail is the default value for all documents, so you only need to go into the dialog box if you want a different delivery method for any of the documents. You can define default values for this field via the Edit/Entry rules menu item. If the delivery method field is empty, Mail is still selected for all documents in the dialog box.

E-mail settings

You can send all order documents via e-mail. A valid e-mail address needs to be entered for the associate. There is no validation in place on value in the e-mail address field.

The name added to the Subject field of the e-mail is taken from the Text table, in the language in which the order/accounting document is entered. Otherwise, the text is obtained from the active language.

EDI settings

The EDI options are not available for delivery notes and production orders.

EDI documents will only work if you also define the relevant document type in EDI messages.

AutoInvoice settings

AutoInvoice documents will only work if you have set up Visma AutoInvoice in the Visma AutoInvoice portal and in Visma Business.

Accounting documents

You can send interest notes and reminders as fax and e-mail attachments in the same way as the order documents.

Ett uppslag öppnar dialogrutan som innehåller följande kryssrutor och alternativ:



Faktura inte sänt med brev
Faktura sänt med E-mail
Faktura sänt med fax
Faktura sänt med EDI
Fakturor skickade av AutoInvoice


Följesedel har inte skickats per e-mail
Följesedel skickad per e-mail
Följesedel skickad per fax
Följesedel skickad per EDI


Följesedel skickad per mail
Följesedel skickad per mail
Följesedel skickad per fax
Följesedel skickad per EDI


Orderbekräftelse ej sänt med post
Orderbekräftelse sänt med E-mail
Orderbekräftelse sänt med fax
Orderbekräftelse sänt med EDI
E-post kontaktp. orderb.


Inköpsorder inte sänt med mail
Inköpsorder sänt med E-mail
Inköpsorder sänt med fax
Inköpsorder sänt med EDI


Offerter ej skickade per mail
Offerter skickade per mail
Offerter skickade per fax
Offerter skickade per EDI
E-post kontaktp. offert


Produktionsorder ej skickad per mail
Produktionsorder skickad per mail
Produktionsorder skickad per fax
Produktionsorder skickad per EDI



Räntefaktura inte sänt med brev
Räntefaktura sänt med E-mail
Räntefaktura sänt med fax
Räntefaktura sänt med EDI
Räntefakturor sända med AutoInvoice


Påminnelser inte sänt med brev
Påminnelser sänt E-mail
Påminnelser sänt med fax
Påminnelser sänt med EDI

EDI Inställningar

Media typ



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Used to prevent immediate transmission by e-mail. This means you can edit the e-mail before it is sent to the contact.
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