If you have to suspend a customer's credit, e.g. if they are in breach of their payment obligations, you check the Credit suspension box.

The customer has its credit suspended when you approve reminders for the country in question.

Entering orders

If you have suspended the customer's credit Visma Business will not let you enter orders for the customer, and you have to cancel the credit suspension before you can enter new orders. You can, however, always enter credit notes (as long as you have checked Credit note in the order head before entering the customer number). Control takes place on the basis of the invoice recipient, whether the invoice issuer's customer number is filled in directly or indirectly via the customer number. If you cancel the credit suspension for a customer and the Sätt kreditspärr på öppna kundorder check box is selected under the Redovisningsbehandl. dialog in the Företagsuppgifter table, Visma Business removes the credit suspension for all orders entered for the customer.

Voucher registration

When you run vouchers for a customer whose credit is suspended, you receive a message stating that the customer's credit is suspended, but Visma Business does not block this as the transaction has of course already taken place.

Egenskap Värde Beskrivning
Visas som standard Nej Det här fältet visas inte som standard i tabellvyn.
Domän Boolsk Heltal
SQL-namn CrSusp Databasfältets namn.
Nummer 4060  

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