The country of the associate. It is only relevant if the associate's country is different from the default country.

You define default country in the Företagsuppgifter table. The Landnr field is used to enter the country number that applies to the associate.

When the country number is entered, values get updated in the Språknr and Valutanr fields if you have entered this information for the relevant country in the Land table. The values can be changed if required. The country number determines, amongst other things, the parameters to be used for invoicing, reminders and calculation of interest. The field appears in two sets in the order head, and is suggested based of the customer/supplier and the recipient. If required, the country can also be edited out in forms as a part of the address, by retrieving the name of the country (or nationality code) from the Land table.

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Tabell 1. Tabellrelationer
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Land Country
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